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Buy 2 trophies get 1 FREE

Buy 2 Trophies get the cheapest 1 free

Yes! That's right! For every 2 trophies you select in this promotion you get the cheapest trophy FREE.

"Right, but that's like a FREE trophy for paying for just one??" Are we mad?

Well, mad or generous, or have a factory jam packed with these great silver plated trophies, tankards, goblets and salvers and we need to make some room!

"But these trophies are already well priced" ... We know! But as quickly as we sell them, we still need more space so take them off our hands.

"I only need one" - So buy 1 and the other is free so donate it to your school, a charity fundraising event, your Club for an event named in your honour (or not!) ... you don't need to have a reason but we bet you can find one ... go on, you'd be mad not to.

This trophy / tankard / goblet / salver offer can obviously not last forever ... so buy now and think about what to do with the free one ... later.

Spread the word .. Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it??? Or just call someone and tell them (a phone used to be a something you held to your ear whilst speaking into a mouthpiece ... you probably have something else now ... oh and we can supply you with personalised iphone covers if you're interested? You're not? Oh well .. did I mention the 2 for 1 trophy offer?

Hope to serve you soon.


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