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Gavels & Blocks

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6 Products

What are the Gavel & Block Options?

Our Gavels and Blocks are available in wood and nickel.
They range from small gifts to life size and then a huge 2ft gavel option too!
Some of the Gavels have bands which we can engrave. There is not too much room on most of these but certainly enough for initials or a name.
If you require a logo then you'll need to check with us first and appreciate that its size will be restricted.

Some of the Gavels come with Blocks and some just on their own.
There are presentation boxes for most of the gavels ranging from silk lined boxes to wooden cases with glass tops.

Select the most suitable product for your presentation or gift needs.

Who are the Gavel & Blocks for?

Obviously you can present the gavels to anyone you wish and in general they are usually presented as gifts for Judges or persons working in the judicial or legal system. They will also be ordered for students passing their law degree or certain exams ... not just those applying to the bar.

Retirement, Leaving, Long Service, Anniversaries are all other reasons people buy the gavels.

In some cases it might be for a teacher or person who is seen as liking to 'lay down the law' ... i.e. just for fun! 

If you're looking for something a bit different to what is shown, just ask and we'll probably have it.

That's what we're here for.

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