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Archery Medals

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3 Products

Archery Medals - From budget to high quality!

For the budget archery medals you can enter your Archery Medal centre codes during the ordering process. You can see the Archery medal centre options below and can pick your favourite, there's another link during the ordering process.

Archery Medals

There are lots more plain medal options you can choose from and still select your Archery Centre codes, as well as medal boxes and ribbons. Just visit the main Medal category CLICK HERE for more Medals Ribbons and Boxes


Archery had its debut at the 1900 Summer Olympics and has been contested in 13 Olympiads. Eighty three different nations have appeared in the Olympic archery competitions, with France appearing the most often at 11 times. It is governed by the International Archery Federation. Recurve archery is the only discipline of archery featured at the Olympic Games where Archery Olympic Gold Medals are won.

Modern Olympic archery consists of four medal events: men's individual archery medal, women's individual archery medal, men's team archery medal, and women's team archery medal. In all four events, the distance from the archer to the target is 70 metres.

In the individual competitions, 64 archers compete for the archery medal. The competition begins with the ranking round. Each archer shoots 72 arrows (in six ends, or groups, of 12 arrows). They are then ranked by score to determine their seeding for the single-elimination bracket. After this, final rankings for each archer is determined by the archer's score in the round in which the archer was defeated, with the archers defeated in the first round being ranked 33rd through 64th. The winning archer gets the Archery Gold Medal
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