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Cooking Trophies

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Chef Cooking Trophy 1088T (1489T)
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24 Products
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Cooking & Catering Trophies

For chefs, cooking and catering industries.

Perfect for those with a culinary talent, deserving rewarding.

Great for 'Come Dine with Me' Trophies and for 'Secret Supper Societies'

What is Cooking?

Cooking is the process of preparing food, often with the use of heat. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world, reflecting unique environmental, economic, and cultural traditions. Cooks themselves also vary widely in skill and training. Cooking can also occur through chemical reactions without the presence of heat, most notably as in Ceviche, a traditional South American dish where fish is cooked with the acids in lemon or lime juice. Sushi also utilizes a similar chemical reaction between fish and the acidic content of rice glazed with vinegar.

Preparing food with heat or fire is an activity unique to humans, and some scientists believe the advent of cooking played an important role in human evolution. Most anthropologists believe that cooking fires first developed around 250,000 years ago. The development of agriculture, commerce and transportation between civilizations in different regions offered cooks many new ingredients. New inventions and technologies, such as pottery for holding and boiling water, expanded cooking techniques. Some modern cooks apply advanced scientific techniques to food preparation.

Well that's what Wiki says but what do you think cooking is and who do you know that deserves a cooking trophy or award? Maybe it's Mum, Grandma, your neighbour, Auntie, a friend, a dinner party guru ... do you run cooking competitions? Why not have a school mums competition for a cooking trophy or a neighbourhood cooking competition, get the trophies from us and let's tell the world! (or maybe not if you want to win!). If you have any ideas for great cooking competitions let me know via the Contact Us section.

Happy Cooking :)


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